Have you ever had difficulty finding a quality wine that is unique and memorable?

How can you really tell when all the time it seems like you’re bombarded by wine medals, accolades, entry-levels and advertising, not to mention the opinions of wine writers and ‘connoisseurs’?

If you rely on these parameters, searching for that special wine can seem like an impossible decision. That’s why we think that you may be missing out on real quality.

Our business is an integral part of our life and this informs how we see the industry. The vineyard is more than just a viticultural operation and the wine making is more than just a controlled process.

At the same time, we believe that professional wine making and high standards of production are paramount. For that reason, our entire production is conducted in-house and we do not outsource any aspects of the business.

Therefore, our perception of quality wine is different to that of many other wineries.  We set our own standards and treat each wine uniquely – with every grape hand-picked and every bottle made to perfection. In this way, we endeavour to satisfy the taste of our customers.

So, as we navigate the confusion and attempt to distinguish between real quality wine and the façade thereof, what advice do we have for you?

Well, it’s simple – experience it for yourself. We believe in our product and we’re sure that you’ll be able to notice the difference. Then, we’ll let you decide which wines are really the best quality your money can buy.