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Cavatorta-Benassi Family

In 1885 Fernando Cavatorta and Ermelinda Benassi moved from Parma, Italy to Argentina.  Dante, Arquimides, Guillermo, Juan, Marcelina and Amalia were born of that relationship.

Guillermo alias ‘Pape’ (the fourth standing from the right) was born in 1896 in Buenos Aires, Republica Argentina.  He married Angela Lotitto. They had a daughter Haydee Noemi, and a son Jorge Guillermo.

Haydee Noemi Cavatorta married Captain Enrique Luis Diaz, they had a daughter Silvia Stella Maris, and a son Enrique Luis.

Enrique Luis and wife Silvia Liliana born in Buenos Aires, Argentina migrated to Melbourne, Australia the 4th of November 1987 Melbourne Cup Day.  Of their love were born three boys Nicholas, Thomas and Alexander.

After 5 years of development, since St Ignatius Vineyard was first established in 1992; Silvia, Enrique and their three sons moved to their farm in Avoca, Victoria, Australia where they happily lived together since then.

The journey of our lives continues…Make the best of it!

One thought on “History

  1. Ricardo Podolski

    I was fortunate to work beside Enrique in Melbourne. Can still remember him rushing off after work to plant his vines
    in Avoca.
    We have enjoyed your wines in the past, although our age has slowed us down, we will be back.
    Well done in continuing the tradition.
    Does the gas gun still work?
    Please give our regards to your mom and dad.

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