Natural Cork

Natural cork closures are used for about 60% of the 20 billion bottles of wine produced each year around the world. Some are fitted to the most prestigious wine brands in the world.
The significance of using a natural cork as wine stopper continues to be the possibility of further aging a bottle of quality wine after bottling. This is in opposition at using other ‘perfect’ wine seal stoppers’ such as screw caps. They do not allow aeration, or if they do it is minimal.
There are some screw caps available fitted with special liners that allow a controlled aeration of the wine, but they are rare and difficult to source or without enough performance data available.
The success of bottling under natural cork relies on: the preparation of the product (wine), the cork and bottle technical specifications (quality natural cork and bottle), the correct equipment and its maintenance (corker/winery) and of course the ability and knowledge of the person/s bottling. St Ignatius Winery sources quality O-I bottles and Amorim corks.
For these reasons and more, we believe in bottling some of our wines under quality natural cork to give our customers a choice in their selection.

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