Torrontes – The new Australian White

Torrontes Riojano cuttings were first introduced in Australia by St Ignatius Vineyard in the year 2000 following Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service extensive protocols  for two years. The cultivar was derived from a cross of ‘Muscat of Alexandria’ and ‘Criolla Chica’ . We pioneer production and commercialisation in Australia.

Distinct variety of Argentina produces full-bodied, crisp wines with a distinctive floral aroma. Some people say it came with the Jesuit missions of the 1500s, others with Spanish conquerors in the 1800s, but again nobody knows. What they first noticed was its distinctively aromatic character (peachy to some, Muscaty/grapey to others), and its heady and attractive nature. In weight and mouthfeel it’s not unlike an Alsace wine, with crispness and richness at the same time. What they next realised was that at higher yields, these qualities quickly vanished and the wine turned bland and boring – care was needed to curtail vigorous vines. One of the secrets of Torrontés is harmony in the vineyard. It’s grown in all the Argentine viticultural regions and the quality improves from north to south of the country as conditions become cooler and growth less prolific. Pruning, irrigation and fertilising is oriented towards controlling yields and it is crucial to have a close control of the leaves in order to keep the right balance of integral ripeness, avoiding bland fruit as well as anything that would make the grapes taste tart and herbal.

In the winery, Torrontés responds well to cool temperatures. Fermentation is at 15-18 Degree C over 15 days and racking is carried out at low temperatures, too. We prefer to let the authentic flavours of the grape show through without embellishment from yeast or oak.

White grape, light bodied, and with crisp acidity; on the nose and palate it is distinctively flavoured and perfumed. Related to Muscat. Needs cool fermentation and low yields.

St Ignatius Torrontes